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    VMware Tools Versioning

    DavidMcKnight Novice

      I have a cluster of vSphere 5.5 hosts.  I have set the VMs to auto update their VMware tools on power cycle. A few weeks back I patched my cluster to the latest available.  I have verified that all Hosts are at ESXi 5.5.0 build 302994.  If I check my vCenter I see that a good chunk of the VMs now have "Current" for their VMware tools Version.  I went and ran a powerCLI report to verify and I'm confused by what I'm seeing.


      I'm looking at the Config.tools.ToolsVersion property and I'm getting a range of values from 9541, 9359, 9354 all are saying "Current" for VMware tools version.  The few remaining VMs that have a Config.tools.ToolsVersion value is 9356 are reporting as Out-of-date.


      So the question is what would cause the VMs to have different version of VMware tools but think they are all current?