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    Horizone View 6 : Linked Cloning failed with error "View Composer DiskFault: Disk customization failed due to an internal error"

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      Hi All


      I am setting up VDI environment. For that I have installed VCenter 6.0  on win2k8 -64 bit  VM on same VM i have installed View Composer 6.  on another win2k8-64 bit server VM i have installed View Connection Server 6.

      To create Lined Clone i have done following steps .


      1.Created VM with Win7-64 bit OS , Installed VMware tools and View agent on it.

      2.Taken snapshot of above created VM.These is my Master Image. which i am going to use for cloning

      3.Log in to view Connection server

      4.Create Automated Desktop Pool with floating User assignment.

      5. Entitle the require users to the desktop pool by adding the AD user

      After this provisioning has started well , It has created Desktop Pool ID folder in Vcenter , Created Clone from selected master image , Desktop vm creation and re-configuration also done successfully but after that VMs started deleting

      with error "File [VDI-NFS1] VDI-Win7-01/sdd was not found" and provision task failed with error  "View Composer DiskFault: Disk customization failed due to an internal error" which seen on View Connection server .


      I have find out some solutions on internet like time zone corrections, Checking Universal File Access Service , Certification but none on solved my problem .

      It will really help of some one guide me in proper direction to solve this.

      I have attached screenshot of Vcenter and View administrator


      Thanks in advance