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    ChargeBack 2.7 for SP - Compatibility

    JEHolo3 Novice

      The VMware Compatibility Matrix does not contain any information about which versions of vCenter, vCloud and vShield ChargeBack 2.7 is compatible with.

      Is it possible to get the info either into the matrix or here ?

      The info in the ChargeBack Documentation is old.


      I especially need to get a confirmation that ChargebAck 2.7 is compatible (and thus supported) with :

      • vCenter 5.5 , Build 2646482
      • vCloud Director 5.6.4 - 2619597
      • vShield Manager 5.1.2 - 943471
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          secops Novice



          I have exactly the same questions, the support matrix seems to either be out of date, or Chargeback 2.7 for SP does not support vCloud or vCenter 5.5 U2.....


          We are getting incorrect billing reports from chargeback, for example a 4GB vAPP is created in vCloud, it picks that up, however if the customer allocates more memory to the vAPP, say another 4GB, chargeback will still only report the vApp having 4GB.... This is a major issue as revenue is being lost....