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    Ready for Analysis

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      I have deployed 5.0.5 health analyzer in my customers environment, created a project and run through discovery.  it is now sitting there mocking me with a statement "Ready for Analysis".  now I may be having a moment, but I cannot see any where to move it from this stage to a analyzing stage.


      I double click the Project name and nothing happens.


      according to the documentation section 3.2.3 Managing Projects,  I should have a "Open | Edit | Export | Delete | Show Filter | Rerun Analysis | Upgrade Catalog (Greyed out) under Project explorer, however I am missing "Rerun Analysis | Upgrade Catalog"

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          I don't have access to HealthAnalyzer at the moment, but it sounds to me like you're using the Collector rather than the full Health Analyzer app - this is missing some of the functionality for the analysis. You'd normally plug this into a customer environment, export the data to file and then import it into the full version back at the office. You could then run the analysis and generate the report.


          If this doesn't help I can check this in my lab tonight - let me know.

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