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    Running 3rd Party RAID Management Commands?

    Vinsane Novice

      Hi All,


      When I SSH directly in to one of my hosts, there's a command set available to manage/monitor the RAID called promise-raid-cli. I can access this simply by typing promise-raid-cli and this opens a new set of command options to me.


      I am trying to use the vMA, and target an ESXi host directly and run this command but it says not found. How come? Should this act as if I am at the shell locally?


      I even went as far a finding out exactly where this file was on the ESXi system, it's /sbin/promise-raid-cli, from the vMA and on a specific ESXi target, I did a cd /sbin/ then promise-raid-cli and I still get nothing. I even do an LS and it's not listed. However an LS on the local ESXi shell shows this file.


      Why can't the vMA run or see this command?