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    Installing Hyperic server 5.8.4 on RHEL 6 using yum

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      I have been looking around for some documentation on how to install a standalone Hyperic server 5.8.4 on RHEL 6 using yum. We have installed Hyperic using the installer, hyperic-hqee-installer-x86-64-linux-5.8.4.tar.gz, but I would like to find out if there is a repository that we can include in the yum configuration so that we can use "yum update" to keep us current.


      I have downloaded the both the server and agent rpm files and I could install the rpm but that wont allow yum to install updates to Hyperic unless I am missing something. Has anybody come across any documentation on using yum to install Hyperic.


      I noticed that even though I selected the vRealize Hyperic server download I got the vcenter download. We do have vcenter but we are not currently looking at running Hyperic as a vApp in vcenter.





      Any help / information would be greatly appciated.