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    MS Exchange content pack issues

    rgcda Enthusiast

      I've installed the Microsoft Exchange content pack in Log Insight 2.5.  We have Exchange 2012 and I've installed the Log Insight windows agent onto the Exchange servers.  Additionally I added the entries described in the content pack instructions to the liagent.ini.  I then attempted to setup the jobs in Task Scheduler which should run the powershell scripts that would collect the data for the Log Insight agent to pick up.  The problem I'm seeing is that some of these powershell scripts aren't collecting data, specifically the exchange_perfmon_counters.log.  It doesn't seem to retrieve any data.  The other scripts seem to collect data but I'm questioning if it's collecting all the data that it should.  Additionally, when I look at the dashboard several of the sections are completely empty (no results) - Transport, Client Access & Unified Messaging, Performance Counters, and SMTP.  Is anybody successfully using this content pack?