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    q about how to set up replication

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      Hi from Czech republic,

      i have vmware enviroment vCenter & esx 6.0 with about 8 vms (ws2012R2) and my replication tool is vSphere Replication 6.1.1. In my datastores are 3 datastores - Raid5 and Raid10 on primary storage Fujitsu and secondary storage Infortrend with 10TB capacity, which are reserved for replication.

      My q is: Its possible, attach disk from secondary storage to fileserver, without the possibility to replicate this drive?Because it will already be in the same disk array?

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          vSphere Replication 6.1.1

          is this the VR release that you are using? I couldn't locate release notes for the same on vmware website.


          if you are using vSphere Replication to replicate your VMs, it's quite simple to include or not to include one of the vDisk from being replicated. So if you attach an additional vDisk to your fileserver VM and you don't want it to be replicated, just edit vSphere replication for that VM and deselect that vDisk which you don't want to replicate.

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            Hi guys,


            As of today, there is no vSphere Replcation version 6.1.1.


            The latest version from the 6.x code line is from May 2015.