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    VMWare vSAN and Dell PowerEdge R730xd (13G) - Which would be the best practice controller..? Dell PERC H330, H730 or H730P..?

    matthiash Lurker



      i want to setup a VMWare vSAN System with 3 of the new DELL PowerEdge R730xd Server.

      Every server should host 128GB DDR4-RAM and 1x DELL SSD (200GB Solid State Drive SAS Write Intensive MLC 12Gpbs 2.5") and 7x DELL HDD (600GB 10K RPM SAS 6Gbps 2.5").


      But i dont know which Controller i should use.

      I searched the VMWare HCL and also the internet for any informations about the new DELL PERC H330, H370 and H730P in combination with VMWare vSAN, but i can't find any information about it.






      The H330 is a LSI 3008 Controller and the H730 is a LSI LSI 3108 Controller. Booth are 12Gb/s SAS controller.

      The H330 and also the H730 can passthrough/raw-disk.


      But at Disk Controller features and Queue Depth? there is the information that the H330 has only a queue depth of 256..! VMWare recommend 512 and more for high performance systems.

      I can't find any information about the H730 so don't know if this one has more or not.


      Is it worth to pay more for the H730..? Can I use the more features also in vSAN (e.g. 1GB NVcache etc).

      Is there also the option to flash the H330 controller with an IT firmware to get more queue depth..?

      Or should i take the H730 for my server..? But this is normally a RAID controller, but as far as i know, RAID controller is not best practice for vSAN cause vSAN don't get direct access to the disks. (this was the problem with the PERC H710 controller).


      Can you help me out of "which controller should i buy" dilirium..?


      Thank you.