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    Linux Guest Agent not working on VRA 6.2.1 and VRA 6.2

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      I have created a CENTOS 6.4 Linux template and issue the VCAC request, the Machine status gets struck on Customizing OS. Linux Guest Agent on the CENTOS on booting does not find any work item.


      My issue is similar to -Linux Guest Agent not working properly


      I have tried VRA 6.2.1 and VRA 6.2.


      I have Windows 2012 Standard Iaas server. I did not disable the TLS 1.2 and installation through installgugent.sh went fine and I am not getting any certificate errors.


      When I hit https://hostname/VMPS2https://vra.poc.com/shell-ui-app/org/MyOrganization:443/VMPS2, I get HTTP 404. I checked on VMware HOL labs VRA setup, on that also I see HTTP 404 when I hit the URL.Is something to be enabled?


      Is TLS 1.2 need to be disabled as mentioned here - http://www.vmtocloud.com/how-to-create-a-vcac-6-linux-guest-agent-template/? What else could be wrong?