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    VSAN Storage Providers in Disconnected state

    shanky249 Lurker

      Hi All,


      I see that the VSAN Storage Providers on vCenter are either in Disconnected or Offline state. Because of which, i am unable to create new Storage Profiles.

      To create a new Storage Profile, we need to have the VSAN Storage Provider in Online state.

      Is there any way to get them in "Online" state?





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          jonretting Enthusiast

          First try doing a rolling removal/adding of hosts to the cluster. Put the first host in maintenance mode, take it out of the cluster. Make sure your Storage Provider no longer shows that host (try refreshing providers). Put the host back into the cluster, and take it out of maintenance. See if that host now shows "online" in the Storage Providers (refresh if need be). Continue the same steps for each host. You didn't mention what version of ESXi/VSAN you are running, but if you are using 5.5 there are other troubleshooting steps. I have still yet to experience a Storage Provider failure on VSAN 6, none that were not self-inflicted anyways. Best, -Retting