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    Keyboard Not Working after VMWare Conversion

    cojaxx8 Novice


      I'm trying to run a VMware Conversion of an old laptop as a backup. I've run a VMware conversion and converted it to a vm 9 image file.


      When it gets opened in VMware Player everything works except for the keyboard inputs. The only way I can type on the screen is using either the on screen keyboard or connecting in with TeamViewer.


      Looking in Device Manager shows that the following error.


      Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)


      Has anyone come across this before and know if a solution?



      Peter Sheridan

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          cojaxx8 Novice


          I got it working. I followed the steps in the following KB Article and it worked like a charm


          No Keyboard or Mouse After Installing Logitech 9.0 Mouseware Drivers on Windows 2000


          • On the Registry menu, click Select Computer, and then type the computer name of the computer that has no keyboard or mouse.
          • After you connect, click Hkey_Local_Machine on Remote_Computer_Name on the Window menu, and then navigate to the following key:
          • Double-click the UpperFilters:REG_MULTI_SZ: Lkbdflt2 kbdclass value, and then remove only the Lkbdflt2 entry.
          • Navigate to the following registry location:
          • Double-click the UpperFilters:REG_MULTI_SZ: Lmouflt2 mouclass value, and then remove only the Lmouflt2 entry.
          • On the Registry menu, click Close.
          • On the Registry menu, click Exit.
          • Restart
            the computer with the mouse/keyboard problems. After the computer
            restarts, the mouse and keyboard should be functional. 
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            Benni005 Lurker

            Had this problem recently converting a Win 8 x64 laptop install using VMWare converter 5.1, only difference was I had extra settings in the keyboard registry section (mouse section was clear and mouse worked ok):


            Key in this case was:


            UpperFilters:REG_MULTI_SZ: had mutliple entries as above, removed all but "kbdclass" and rebooted.

            Thanks for the tip!



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              urbananimal Lurker

              This happened to me. The keys above showed me that Synnoptics (Lenovo Ultranav) was installed. Instead of editing the keys, I used the mouse to remove the Synnoptics (Lenovo) driver and it all cleared up.


              A little easier for the novice computer user.

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                nikagl Lurker

                Thanks guys, in my case I used the Virtual Onscreen Keyboard to logon (available from the Accessibility Options in the logon screen) and had to remove "Thinkpad Ultranav Driver" from Lenovo to get it to work. Urbananimal and cojaxx8, thanks for your posts!!

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                  soloshow Lurker

                  Hey Benni,


                  I just did the same thing you did -- I converted a Win 8.1 Pro laptop to a VM using the VMWare Converter.  My host is an iMac (OS X Maverics), and my mouse is plugged into my keyboard.  So I was surprised (heartbroken?) when I booted up the VM and the mouse worked when the keyboard didn't.

                  I made the registry change you suggested, rebooted, and everything worked fantastically well.


                  Thanks as well, of course, to cojaxx8, who originally discovered the solution.

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                    Deathicee Lurker

                    Thank you very much for this post.  I have been strugling with this issue for a couple days now.  Finally Google found this post.


                    My situation for others.


                    P2V Lenovo workstation

                    after conversion the keyboard function was not passing keyboard strokes or even the VM console send ctrl alt del

                    Using the on screen keyboard I was able to log in to the machine


                    With the instructions below I was able to get in using normal keyboard functions


                    Thank you very much for this information



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                      0x77221 Lurker

                      Thank you folks very much for this solution. I had the same problem, and it saved my life.


                      I suppose that I was lucky to wander into this forum in exasperation and see this topic, created so long ago, at the top of the discussion. Google did not point my here in 2 days, unfortunately.


                      Perhaps this issue should be considered by the vmware team because:

                      * the issue has persisted since at least 4 years ago

                      * the issue pertains to fairly popular Lenovo hardware

                      * the issue is a showstopper

                      * all it takes is a single little needle of key in the registry haystack to throw everything awry


                      Anyway, much love again to OP for documenting this very elusive solution.

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                        SeanFromBoP Lurker

                        I successfully converted a physical HP laptop with Win 8.1 to a VM. Tried to boot in Workstation 11 by clicking 'Power up this virtual machine'. It looked like it starts up, then it stops 2 seconds later, resetting back to the initial screen.


                        After some Google searches, it turned out that changing the USB selection from USB 3.0 to either USB 2.0 or 1.1 under Virtual Machine Settings > USB Controller allowed the VM to start up. Yay!


                        It got to the login screen, and no keyboard! So I used the on-screen keyboard to log in, and it logged in fine. Nothing I did seemed to get the keyboard to work. I thought maybe installing VMware Tools would sort this out. I installed this, and then neither the keyboard nor mouse worked. Bummer!


                        Mr Google again. The VMware knowledgebase had a support article about plugging in another USB keyboard and mouse and attaching these directly to the VM under VM > Removable Devices. The mouse attached and worked fine, so at least I could drive the cursor again, but still no keyboard.


                        So I went to Control Panel (in the VM) > Devices, and I noticed that the keyboard driver said 'Driver error'. Hmm, must be a bum keyboard. So I grabbed another keyboard (first was an HP, this one is a Dell, so this gotta work now, right!), but alas, same issue, 'Driver error'


                        Then I came across this post, so I went to Programs and Features, and found the Synaptics Driver. Uninstalled this, rebooted and unplugged the second mouse and keyboard, and ** hallelujah **, all worked perfectly.


                        MAN, this has been a mammoth job of many hours getting to this point, but it is worth it.


                        Thanks heaps. I thought I would post this to say thanks, and hopefully this will help others who are in a similar position. Props to the other posters on this topic.


                        Cheers, and have fun!


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                          cmorrisssi Lurker

                          Thanks for this article, pointed me in the right direction just had to remove the synaptic version in the class to get my keyboard working.




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                            Pasi_K Lurker

                            Thanks for the tip. Keyboard working now!

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                              raphtor Lurker

                              Same, problem and solution!



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                                bugblatterbeastoftraal Enthusiast

                                This one worked for me thanks!


                                I had the added hurdle of Symantec Endpoint Protection being installed on the laptop i was converting (with no access to the Symantec password), which appeared to be blocking RDP into the new network created on boot.  However, using VMware Converter I was able to disable the Symantec services on boot which allowed RDP in.  Then I was able to "fix" the driver issue and get the keyboard working...



                                VCP4/5, VCP6-CMA, VCAP-DCA4/5, VCAP-CIA, AWS-CSA, CCNA, MCSE, MCSA
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                                  kossuth Novice

                                  Wanted to also add that this is true for Windows 10 P2V conversions as well.  There are close to a dozen registry entries with the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4d36e96b-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318} name.  You have to look through them all until you find the one with the UpperFilters string.  In my case UpperFilters was a Multi string with both SynTP and kbdclass as data values.  I deleted SynTP, restarted the machine, and that resolved my issue.  Again Windows 10x64


                                  Additionally, the path to the on-screen keyboard so you don't have to google that separately is "C:\Windows\System32\osk.exe"

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                                    Dinty01 Lurker

                                    I had this same issue and found SynTP in the keyboard entry, removed that as per the instructions above, rebooted the vm and then it worked fine. My machine was also Win 10 x64.

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