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        iguy Hot Shot

        My goodness.  I've never had anywhere near these kinds of problems with the Emulex cards we have.  Did you get this working properly?

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          rdowling2 Novice
          kellino wrote:

          Thanks!  The chmod +x allowed me to run the script (would have been nice to mention in the README!).


          After I installed I went to the \usr\sbin\lpfc directory and typed "lputil" and I got an unkown command error.


          This was quite maddening because I could see that the file was right there in this directory but it wouldn't let me run it.


          I was just about to give up when I noticed that the manual said that the utility should be invoked by running " /user/sbin/lpfc/lputil ".  This worked!  Why the full path would work versus just calling "lputil" from the same directory doesn't work, is something that I will never understand.


          These are basics of the linux operating system, adding the execute permission (chmod +x) to the file is one way, or "bash ./scriptname" is another, and for security the current directory "." is not in the path, you could have specified ./lputil and it would have worked.

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            saijyothi Lurker


            Hi Dinny,



            I found an issue for HP BL-465 and HBA installed in that is LPe1105-HP. There was a old firmware version 2.70A5 and installed ESX 3.5 but HBA driver was not loading. When I upgraded firmware to 2.72A2 driver get loaded properly.



            Now question is how can I update new firmware when there is no driver is installed on ESX. What I know for tools like hbaanywhere or lputil driver should be loaded  first.



            Any idea pl?





















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              RickVC Lurker

              The USB boot device with freeDOS can be used to update the firmware and boot code on this HBA.  The issue was not that the doslpcfg p !@rogram would not work correctly.  The firmware file was read as corrupt because it was intended for an Emulex lpe11000 HBA.  While vmware reported the HBA as this model, it was in fact an lpe11002.  I received the same error until I downloaded the flash file for the lpe11002, then it updated and I was able to continue my upgrade to ESXi 6.0

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