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    Resource Pool and DRS set to Conservative

    vMackem1 Lurker

      Hello All,


      Been a while since i've been on here to access the knowledge of you guys but i'm glad to be back.


      This may be a noddy question but i'm struggling to get my head around it.


      I'm looking to create a resource pool on DRS enabled cluster (13 hosts in a 12+1 config) which is simple enough. I have to keep the Load Balancing set to conservative which is why i'm struggling around how we can deliver a logical set of resource from a pool of hosts without load balancing.


      For example, if I assign 26GHz to a non expandable resource pool but 2 of my hosts in the cluster are at 90% then how can i deliver all the resource to a VM if DRS is set to conservative? I just cant see how the resource pool would be able to guarantee to deliver the resource if it cant balance the VMs and you end up with only a few HOT hosts.


      I hope that makes sense and look forward to your responses.