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    Is possible this load balance and HA cluster with vsphere?

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      Hello comunity!


      Iam really new on this type of topic, so i apologize if iam doing or saying something incorrect. Im here to try to understand better this amaizing tool so i apreciate your knowlodge and time!!!!
      Im trying to create a failover and load balancing cluster with Vsphere, the goal is try to install an MSSQL server DB where client can access more faster and not have downtime when a node is down.

      I was reading a lot but still i cant have a full understand abt this, so if someone try to explain me something, please be patient and explain with details.

      All this ill do it at home as a LAB, if really work and i can do it, ill try to use it for get a work since i dont have one and i really need one very soon!
      Here is my diagram, is possible??

      Diagrama Cluster HA-DRS.jpg

      Well ill to explain it, i have clients which will send a workload process to my DB which will be allocate on MSSQL Server installed on logic disk of 12 TB created from the union of all virtuals storage. Each virtual storage is just a virtual disk created on a virtual machine which is hosted on physical server (node).

      So i have 4 physical server which have 1 VM each one with 3 TB virtual disk, the goal is the client can send the workload process over the 4 nodes to have a faster response and if one node fail for some reason, the other node can work withow problem.


      physical server S.O.: Dont know yet if i must use one or install VMWARE directly.

      VM S.O: Windows Server 2008 (dont know if necessary or if i can just install SQL Server directly)

      VM MSSQL Server: 2008 Enterprise (still dont know if i must use this one)


      Well i can't think right now on other detail but if you point me ill be glad to write it.

      sorry if my semantic or write is wrong but english is not my first lenguage.

      Really thank you for get at this point, and share your knowlodge!!

      My best Regards, josh from Argentine!!!