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        jonretting Enthusiast

        Yup checking sites for updates is annoying, and even worse when they change something element/structurally. Typically if i have to check something on the web multiple times in a couple days, it is worth automating the process with a little bit shell/curl/smtp/git/cron. That all goes to shit however when i get an email containing "<div clas"  differs from the previous attempt. It seems the problem is lack of any standardization across any company/downloads. Typically you have to fumble along their ill conceived frontends, and gets even more aggravating when you have to asynchronously post form data. For the first time this year google api's was unreachable in SOCAL, even workarounds were hard due to SSL. A lot more time is usually spent just locating the item you know you need, have already worked out the fix, but for some blast-famous reason downloads.company.com is down. I would hate to be the sysadmin taking down the public downloads, since it's something that already eats away at my soul. Hehe Cheers, -Jon

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          jwhitehv Enthusiast

          I've been writing up my experiences in this blog series: High Capacity VSAN Nodes

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