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    Driver Error. Windows 10

    VMdesk159 Lurker



      I have been using VMware Workstation fine, until I upgraded to Windows 10, after this I get this error on several of my virtual machines, which previously used to handle USB well.


      The error is shown as :



      The connection for the USB device "<device name>" was unsuccessful.

      Driver Error.


      I am unable to use my USB device in the guest OS which was previously working fine in Windows 8.1 , however I have reinstalled VMware , the tools, the guest OS and even created a new virtual machine and the problem still exists,

      I also tried both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports.


      Is there anyway for the USB device to bypass the host and connect directly to the guest? The drivers are fine on the host. I

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          VMdesk159 Lurker

          I have resolved the issue by removing the usb hub root controller (uninstalling it) and also clean installing VMware from scratch hope this helps other people, was a nightmare to sort out.

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            andybon Novice

            I've got similar issue - VM works fine on Win8.1 but on Win10 a special usb device (Superpro license dongle) is not found and similar usb driver error is notified.


            can you please clarify what specific devices you removed from where (host/guest) to resolve.


            help would be greatly appreciated.



            UPDATE - reread your suggestion and its sorted out now.


            1. I had already run a re-install/repair to revive the Bridged Network adapter that had vanished however the usb drivers still would not function

            2. Complete remove and install of VM Workstation 11.1.2 and usb is restored.


            THANKS FOR THE SUGGESTION - Windows 10 now fully operational with all apps and drivers