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    "No Data Available" in some dashboards. vROps 6.0.2

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      I'm running a vROps eval and I'm getting "No Data Available" on the widgets in many of the built-in dashboards including "vSphere Hosts Overview", "vSphere VMs CPU", "vSphere VMs Memory". I have tried shutting down the DB and rebooting the node. I have checked the the Licensing Groups are present and configured as expected.


      A call has been logged with support but after over a week I still haven't been able to resolve and I want to avoid redeploying vROps.


      Has anyone seen or heard of this condition?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Pardon if I may ask a dumb question. IS the data available to vR Ops?


          When we say "available", we mean "available to the user account used to collect data from the data source". Its a matter of perspective.


          Few things to check:

          1. Check that the vR Ops collection perms can actually access the objects. (you can switch to a admin account if you want to check very easily, give it 15min to collect data a couple cycles, then see if you're still getting 'no data')

          2. Ensure the objects hasn't been deleted and still exist TO collect from.


          Start by finding an object of interest that is showing "no data available". Find it in the "Administration > Environment" tab. Go over to vCenter and see if it's there. Is it there? is it not? What are the perms on that object in vCenter? Start with those things.. then we'll poke at the "object of interest" you found in the last step when you come back here..

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            neil_murphy Enthusiast

            Hi mark. I found the cause of the problem. It was the browser version we were using. Chrome Browser ver 44.0.2403.107m does not work consistently with vROps 6.0.2 so we have switched ti IE. Data was being collected all along so we have good data to work with.


            many thanks,