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    VMWare Fusion not compatible with Windows 10? Seriously?

    bb101 Lurker

      Frankly, I find it incredible that a company as large as VMWare can sit around for months knowing that their Fusion SVGA driver is preventing their customers from upgrading to Windows 10. Today is Windows' release date, and nothing has been done to fix the situation.


      Apparently VMWare has "opened lines of communication" with Microsoft. If VMWare were a tiny company then I would understand and believe the delay, however are we really to believe that Microsoft is refusing to work with VMWare on an issue that affects all their users?

      The cynic in me thinks VMWare is waiting to release Fusion 8 quite soon (paid upgrade of course) and will have "compatible with Windows 10" plastered all over it.... Planned obsolescence?


      #VMWare #Fail



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