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    ESX boot disk failed while esx running and esx was not down. How?

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      We are using ESX 5.5, and it was installed on HP Prolient Gen 9 Server - Local disks configured with RAID 1.

      As part of testing, while running esx, we have removed both the the boot disks which are configured with Raid 1 and expecting that esx will fail abruptly.


      Later as per below links, we found that esx OS will be running in memory and will not be down when it encounters boot disk failure also :






      As per above links it looks good that esx can still sustain even though boot disks are failed. But only concern is those are not vmware published articles. And when I tried to search in vmware site to support the same, I couldn't find.


      Can any one of you get me vmware approved article which will tell the same.