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    ESXi 6.0 VM Automatic Startup issue

    5mall5nail5 Enthusiast

      Hey everyone - noticed a weird one. I have a lab setup with a virtual firewall, VCSA, a domain controller, terminal server, and a Centos 7 web server setup. I have automatic startup setup for everything starting with the firewall and VCSA. My order is (1) Firewall, (2) VCSA, (3) Domain Controller, (4) Web Server, (5) Terminal Server. Everything starts up when the host comes up except for the Centos 7 linux VM regardless of what order I put it in. It has open-vm-tools installed and I can shut the guest down through vSphere but it just won't boot automatically. Any thoughts as to why one VM out of 5+ won't auto start? It will start VMs after it if I move it up in the chain, and before it if I move it to the back of the chain... no luck.

      I don't get any errors in the vSphere client or anything, the VM will just not automatically startup.