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    vCenter Server 6.0 + remote ESXi

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      Hi all,


      I'm hoping someone can help me out with connected remote (read different WAN) ESXi hosts (v5.5 with vSphere Essentials license) to our vCenter server (v6.0).


      This vCenter Server was done as a standard install and I believe all the correct ports have been forwarded on our router to the vCenter Server.


      I can get the vCenter Server to access the remote ESXi host, list it's inventory, assign a license etc. The issue I'm facing is that when I click 'Finish', the process fails with the following message


      'A general system error occurred: Connection Refused'


      On the ESXi host, I can see that the process starts, adds new user etc, then fails.


      What am I missing? The only non-standard setup in place is that on the remote ESXi location, port 443 is already in use, so I have a router rule setup to NAT 4567 external to 443 internal and forwarded to the ESXi host.


      Hopefully the above makes sense and if any further information is required, please don't hesitate to request it.


      Thanks in advance!