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    Fusion 7 Pro Unity or Full Screen with 3 monitors

    vmdavid Novice

      Is Fusion 7 Pro supposed to support 3 monitors?  I've been trying to get either full screen on all monitors or unity working but it doesn't work.  I found this thread:


      VMWare Fusion 7 / 3 displays not supported?


      But the suggested changes didn't make a difference.  It works fine if I only use two monitors (ie the main macbook monitor and one external).  Once I connect a second external monitor if fails.  One is connected via hdmi and the other is on a thunderbolt port.


      The host is osx 10.10.4, the guest is windows 8.1, Fusion is 7.1.2 (2779224). When I try to enter full screen, it seems to get stuck in an endless loop where the screen is black but occasionally flickers the login screen.  Trying unity appears to be similar but I don't tend to see the login screen.  If I look at the library window, I see it indicate three monitors and I see a thumbnail of the login screen flicker there.