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    This PC can't run Windows 10

    martink_ Lurker

      This PC can't run Windows 10

      Here is why WIndows 10 can't be installed onthis PC

      VMware SVGA 3D

      Your display won't work.



      I get that on VMWare Player 6.07 running Windows 8.1 pro and therefore can't reserve Windows 10.


      How can I get around that?


      Martti K.

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          Dayworker Enthusiast

          I suggest to upgrade to the latest player version and try again.

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            wila Guru
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            Hello martink_,


            Downloading and installing the latest player (download) might be a good idea.

            However it will not fix the issue you are reporting here.


            The same issue is reported at the VMware Fusion forum and while the product is different, the problem is the same.


            Will I be able to reserve a copy of Windows 10 using my Windows 8.1 VM?


            TL;DR is that you'll have to wait on a fix from either Microsoft or VMware.

            It is however not a problem to install and run Windows 10 under VMware, it is the reserve program that complains.

            The free upgrade will also be available via different means after Windows 10 has been released.




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              EdP Hot Shot

              It may (or may not) be a problem to run Windows 10 as a VMWare guest, however since the early releases of fbl_impressive builds roughly half fail to upgrade and fall over with a complaint about driver installation. As they are 'simple' installs from a driver standpoint, this suggests that a common point of failure is VMWare graphics.


              Irrespective of the Windows 10 upgrade process we really do need to see some improvement in VMWare graphics pass-through support. I had hoped that we would have been seeing some VMWare betas by now, but it looks as though VMWare have their priorities a bit askew.

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                martink_ Lurker

                Thanks for the responses.

                Downloading the latest version was the first thing I did. It did not help.

                I've seen that before that a compatibility test says the VMWare display driver is not compatible, but VMWare still runs without any apparent problems.

                As an end user can't do much now.

                Agreed that when the final release of Window 10 is out and maybe after a few fixes for some initial bugs would be a better time to try the install if now better drivers a provided by then.

                Just wanted to get prepared.

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                  VCP082242 Novice

                  Removing the files will cause new ones to be created prior to the upgrade.  Editing the telemetry file to simulate a success may work.  We will only know once the update is out.


                  I was able to simulate a successful compatibility check by editing the following file:


                  Replacing the contents with:


                      "JsonSuccessfullyWritten" : true,

                      "JsonVersion" : 3,

                      "JsonCreationTime" : "130824843821388157",

                      "CompatSectionCount" : 0,

                      "CompatSections" :





                  Basically, I changed the "CompatSectionCount" to 0,and removed the contents of "CompatSections".

                  This is what you get:



                  This was done on W7 running in Fusion.  The only compatibility failure I had was the VMware SVGA 3D driver.

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                    AriKL Lurker

                    This change in Appriser.JSON obviously "solves" the compatibility report issue, but it does not allow the installation of/upgrade to Windows 10.


                    I have Windows 7 Home Premium running on Fusion 7.1.2 and also run Windows 10 TP on a separate VM today without any problems.


                    Any other good ideas?


                    Best regards, Ari