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    How to make an Active Directory lab with VMWare Player.

    HungryDad Lurker



      I have downloaded VMware Player in order to build myself a small Active Directory lab.


      I also downloaded Windows 2012 R2 Evaluation and created 2 servers.


      I installed the Active Directory role on one server and can add or remove items in the Active Directory. I can log in using the AD Administrator account or the local Administrator account as well and also with a new user account i created in the Active Directory. So i guess it works fine.


      When i try to join the other server however i allways get a message that the domain does not exist or could not be contacted.


      Both servers have been created with a bridge network and the DSN and DHCP come from my router.


      What's the best network settings to use? Bridge, NAT, Host-only, Custom, Lan segment?


      Is there any documentation regarding making an Active Directory Lab?


      What is the best practive for this case?