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    Migration to vSphere 6

    bigdazza75 Novice



      I currently have 3 Windows vCenters.

      VC1 = 5.0

      VC2 = 5.1

      VC3 = 5.5


      All hosts ESX 5+

      Some VMFS-3 datastores.


      We are spread over two data centres so I want to migrate to them all to two Windows v6 VCs in a single SSO domain, with each VC having its own external PCS (I really don't want to use a load balancer!).


      I'm trying to ascertain the most seamless way to transition the migration with the minimum downtime and disruption to our clusters/VMs, but the upgrade options seem... limited.


      My current thinking is to upgrade VMFS-3 to VMFS-5 on-the-fly, then (as we don't use vDS or vApps, or Resource Pools, etc.) to build a green field VC6 environment and simply remove hosts one-by-one and re-add them to the new VC6 environment and rebuild the cluster configurations.


      I would be hugely grateful for anyone's input as to how best to approach this migration.

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