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    State of the system registry of the guest OS if it is reset while being in sleep mode?

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      I'm running tests when the guest OS (Windows 7) was previously suspended (or, put into Sleep mode) and then if it suddenly loses power (without going out from suspension.)


      I'm testing it using a VMWare Workstation 10 and the "Reset" option:




      And what I am observing is somewhat strange. For instance, when I place some data into system registry before the OS is suspended, and then check that same registry key after the system is booted back up (after the power reset) my data in the system registry seems to be missing. Or the value of the key is just not there. While my parallel log (which is saved just in a text file) has everything saved correctly.


      So I'm curious if this is a bug in the VMWare software? And if not, then why is it happening? (Note that this behavior doesn't happen all the time. Most times it reloads correctly.)


      PS. To ensure that the guest OS can wake from sleep on timer, I enabled the following VMware setting:

      chipset.onlineStandby = "TRUE"