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    Can not connect with SSH from local network.

    vivasindustries Novice

      Hello there.


      I am pretty new to ESXI 6, i have installed it today on my HP Proliant DL160 G6 without any problems.


      I've created an VPS and installed Ubuntu Server 14.04.02 x64.


      I have found some information in Google, check this out: http://www.thomasmaurer.ch/2011/08/enable-ssh-on-esxi-5-via-vsphere-client/


      Here is a screenshots of my Client:





      The local IP for the VPS that i am trying to connect is I have tested ping in CMD to i have no problems.


      I am trying to connect to the VPS with Putty and here is the error i got from Putty when trying to connect to the VPS:





      The port on which i am testing it is 22.


      Can you please help me out ?


      Thanks in advance!