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    Change VCSA 6 instance from static IP to FQDN

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      Hi All,


      Simple question and probably downright ignorant but I'm playing around with VCSA 6 on an OVH server. As those of you aware of how OVH's network is setup getting networking up and running in a virtualized environment is always a pain and sometimes more art than science. Anyway, to cut a long story short I had to deploy VCSA 6 as a VM with a static IP. There's no easy way to do an out of box FQDN deployment with OVH as the VM will not be network capable at first boot (need to add static routes and change the default vNIC mac address to get it to work).


      All if fine and well but I'd ideally like to change it to an FQDN for a few reasons but namely I hate using static IPs for appliances and I want to get proper certs installed and SSO working eventually.


      Deployment: Deployed as a VM on an ESXi 6 host. Local SSO, local DB.


      So here's the issue, can't seem to find an easy way to do this and very little documentation.


      The FQDN is properly setup with reverse also pointing back to the same IP.


      What I've tried so far:


      1. Changed hostname, added entries in /etc/hosts to point to fqdn. Also changed the following parameter in VCSA web client - VCSA Instance/Advanced Settings "virtualcenter.fqdn" to point to FQDN

      - Effect - not visible, still showing up as IP in the web client


      2. Changed config.vpxd.hostnameUrl, sso.admin.uri, sso.groupcheck.uri, sso.sts.uri to FQDN. Also changed VirtualCenter.VimApiURL to FQDN (essentially replacing all instances of the static IP with a FQDN)

      - Effect - disaster, could not get into webclient though appliance did boot without error, had to reinstall


      Soooo, what's the proper way of doing this after experimentation


      Appreciate any help.