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    No Connection to VR Server : Unknown

    legioon Enthusiast

      Hi all,


      I have a problem about vSphere Replication Appliance.


      Last week I have Installed a new one VR on vCenter and configured database with existing VR database. All virtual machines replications has stopped. When I attempt to make "Sync Now" I received the following error;




      All machines seems to be healthy on monitor screen but Last sync size value does not appear.



      I reinstalled vSphere Replication again and configured database with existing but nothing has changed. I tried to move virtual machine to other VR, but i recieved same error as in the first picture.


      "No Connection to VR Server : Unknown" error appears on summary page on vCenter for each virtual machine.


      What is your opinion ?



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          npadmani Master
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          Each vSphere Replication appliance going to be needing own database, you cannot share same database with two VR appliances.


          Possible solutions would be (you will have to find appropriate documents depending upon your VR version)

          1) Remove additional VR appliances apart from the one which was your first VR appliance

          2) Restore DB from backup which was taken before you configured second VR to point it to existing database

          3) Let your first VR appliance carry on using it

          4) check if things are back on track

          5) carry on deploying more VR appliances with their dedicated databases

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            legioon Enthusiast

            Hi npadmani,


            Thanks for your reply.


            I had removed second VR before. Now I have only one VR and I restored DB from backup. Database is working fine.


            But, I recieved same errors. I guess, some configurations are missing inside virtual machine config files. It seems to be there is not any relation between VR and Virtual Machine. I trying to reconfigure VM again but still getting same errors.

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              mvalkanov Expert
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              With VR 5.1 and later, even if using external DB, re-deployment ovf of the VR appliance does not work with old DB.

              If you need to re-deploy the VR appliance, you need to reset the DB and start from scratch.

              The newly deployed appliance automatically starts with fresh embedded DB and destroys every replication configuration from the source VM. Even if you later re-attach the VRMS to the existing DB, VRMS can not automatically restore the replication configuration in the source VMs.




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                npadmani Master
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                There we go, some further inputs as per previous comment.

                Seems you might have to being from scratch.

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                  legioon Enthusiast

                  Hi friends,


                  I stopped all virtual machies replication and started again.


                  Thanks for your helps.