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    Purple Screen on ESXi

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      I am receiving purple dump error on ESXi 5.5 Update 1 and Update 2


      We have  VM from Checkpoint.


      Can these VMs cause VMs to go out of Network or  purple screen dump on esxi host.


      is anyone using checkpoint products in there vmware enviorment and has faced any issues with checkpoint vms.

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          Can you please post a print screen of your PSOD ?


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            Tich Novice



            We are using CheckPoint Appliances as well in our environment with SDRS enabled.


            I have experienced similar issues like you, the problem seems to occur when SDRS kicks in to move the CP Appliance to another datastore in the cluster due to SDRS.


            As CP Appliance seems to need a dedicated datastore we moved this out of the SDRS cluster.


            Hopefully this will assist you.





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