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    Looking for VCDX Mentor

    JPM300 Expert

      Hello All,


      Me and a college are currently working on our VCDX design and have been looking for a VCDX mentor.  We have tried the VCDX mentor list with mixed results but haven't managed to find a Mentor as of yet.


      If anyone in the group is reading this and interested in helping us feel free to message me here or email me at virtualtiers@gmail.com


      Thanks again,

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          jsilvagi Novice
          VMware EmployeesvExpert

          Can you define "mixed results"?  I am curious where things went wrong.

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            JPM300 Expert

            We had 2 other VCDX mentors on board previously, however one dropped out early due to other obligations and the other one kind of went MIA on us.  We haven't heard from him in a 2 weeks or so now.  He was extremely helpful with our first meeting but we have unfortunately been unable to get of hold of him since.  It could be a communication issue or he has just been caught up with other things.  Non the less just looking for a VCDX mentor that could work closely with us until we submit our design or go for defense. 


            Ideally my first concern atm is just getting the design in the right format so it will be accepted for a defense.  I will worry about the presentation / defense part when we get to that bridge.


            Any help is greatly appreciated


            Thanks again

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              jsilvagi Novice
              vExpertVMware Employees

              Don't stress too much about format, content is the key.  Compare it against the blueprint and make sure all of the piece you need are there.


              Use Twitter #VCDX and hook up with other candidates, you may learn a lot from getting in a study group with them.


              My blog series on the VCDX may help you as well -http://www.vmprime.com/?p=101


              Good luck!

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                techie8 Novice

                Hello JPM,


                I am not VCDX but I am in the same boat. I am planning to start a group of to be VCDX-DCV candidates for peer reviews of the design and all the artifacts required for the VCDX design submission. Let me know if you're interested to join this group.



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                  Apollokreid Lurker

                  hi techie8,


                  I am interested in this. Please get in touch (kiran.reid@gmail.com) if you're still looking.


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                    techie8 Novice

                    Thanks, just saw your reply. I have already submitted for Sept 2016 defense and will reach out to you for further discussion in few weeks.

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                      firestartah Master
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                      I run a VCDX Study/Mock group on google plus that consusts of a number of VCDX mentors as well as those realistically aiming for the VCDX. The benefit of the group which i think ties to your "issues" with VCDX mentors is there are a number of people in there both VCDX and non who cna help you with mocks and discussions. VCDX's have day jobs etc so being able to meet up with you very often is normally very difficult so if you want i cna add you to the group if you private message me your email?


                      Apollokreid is already part of this group so can give testimant to the benefit of the group and we have had 8 VCDX come out of the group over the past 18 months.


                      NOTE: This is not an official VCDX group and we don't guarantee you will pass the defence nor get invited if you join the group. It is all about the amount of work you are willing to put in.