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    VCDX - Cloud

    Bunty11 Enthusiast

      As per the information mentioned on this site VMware Certification: Cloud


      Since the VCAP-CIA and VCAP-CID certification exams have been retired and are no longer available, the VCAP certifications are no longer required for this specific certification.



      So after completing VCP-Cloud (VCP550) certification can i directly apply for VCDX-Cloud ??


      Experts Please advice.

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          Hot Shot

          YYes that is correct and it's a temporary situation through the October defenses and on VCDX5 only. After October when VCDX6 is released and for 2016 defenses only version 6 will be available and this waiver will not longer exist and VCIX will again be required. This is only for a limited time it's not permanent.

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            vAngryPrawn Lurker

            Hi Chris, do you know if the design has to be 100% a VMware software stack? Can it actually be a mixture of software by other third party offerings such as BMC, HP etc?

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              Hot Shot

              All the blueprint requirements must be met using the appropriate VMware technologies.  For cloud it's either vCloud DIrector or vRealize Automation.  After all this is a VMware certification.

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                vAngryPrawn Lurker

                Thanks for that Chris. So in essence, the design needs to meet the blueprint requirements (understand that ), but the whole design doesn't necessarily need to revolve around vCD or vRA.


                If it was a mixture such as examples below - would that suffice? (focus being more on the VMware components obviously):


                     -     vCD and HP OO with vSphere

                     -     BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management with vRA and vSphere

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                  Hot Shot

                  TO be 100% clear at this time all aspects must be VMware components.  your exame would noT be accepted at this time.  The blueprint must be met using vmware technologies. The only track with the exception is NV with the multi hyper visor version.  All other tracks must be all vmware products due to the nature of the certification.   I want to make sure there is no grey area here the cloud track is still based on all vmware products Using EITHER VCD OR vRA.

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                    KarlChilds Enthusiast
                    VMware Employees

                    Yes, that is correct. The VMware certifications are focused on the VMware technologies. While you make the decisions in how to design the infrastructure, you will not receive points for veering towards other technologies. Show the strengths and value of VMware solutions. Add on other components as needed.

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                      vAngryPrawn Lurker

                      Thanks for that Karl. That has answered my question and the response from Chris did too. Appreciate it.