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    Crash after upgrade to Workstation 10.0.6-2700073

    Britwick Lurker

      Upgraded to 10.0.6-2700073 this morning, and Workstation crashes as soon as I start it.

      Details are in the attached ZIP file:

      - screen shot of crash

      - screen shots of three application event log entries at the time of the crash

      - vminst.txt which was updated at the time of the crash


      The .xml file mentioned in one of the event log entries does not exist on my system.


      I'm running on a Windows 8.1 host, and have been running previous versions of Workstation for over a year on this PC.

      PC is a Lenovo Thinkpad T503


      I'm going to uninstall this version and try re-installing the previous version.


      Anyone any ideas about the cause of these problems?

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