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        JohnMille78 Lurker

        The only time I had an error I could "read" / "see" the system asked me to up the pciHole.start to 2100. That's the only parameter I changed.

        Other than that on the BIOS side, I was using UEFI and secure boot disabled.

        I think this value depends on the memory of the Graphic Card, but I am not sure.

        This is it really, I had the ESXi setup via cobbler, then just uploaded the ISO to datastore, create the VM. I have a Win 8.1 Pro N. Maybe the version matters ?

        In the between I have done an upgrade of my BIOS so I have the config flushed but, that's it basically. I think it really is just 1 setting that makes a difference, from the issues I had, on the hardware side.

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          devianceluka Novice

          What does "CG" mean?


          Also by 2100 you mean pciHole start or end? Can I ask you where you came up with that number? Because I have searched on google for an explanation on this command and didn't find anything so I don't really know what it means so I can play with it.

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            JohnMille78 Lurker

            pciHole.start is the only I have changed : not touched to pciHole.end

            It is VMWare itself that gave the value in the logs ("events") of the virtual machine.

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              devianceluka Novice

              Again what does CG mean?


              Also how much RAM did you give to this VM? Is it EFI or legacy?

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                JohnMille78 Lurker

                I edited my original post to have future people to understand. I meant "GC" -> Graphical Card

                I had 16Go on the host, 8G on the VM 100% dedicated and so were the vCPU (4 vCPUs)

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                  devianceluka Novice

                  I still can't understand how is it working for you and not for me... I'm not a rookie in ESXi usage but just cannot understand. Are you using ESXi 5.5 build 1892794? Did you have to change anything in BIOS to let passthrough work?

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                    downh1ll Lurker

                    First, I apologize if I'm leading you on a wild goose chase.


                    Just off the top of my head:

                    Is there an updated BIOS for your motherboard?

                    Can you test disabling nearly all of your onboard features to see if it's a conflict/BIOS bug? I've seen onboard sound mentioned various times on the forum, and it was indeed the culprit for me, in tandem with an outdated BIOS.

                    I would also suggest checking your driver download and making sure it installed correctly/wasn't corrupted in transit.

                    The fact that the other card works makes me wonder if the 290 card works on bare metal Windows. Can you try that?

                    Again, sorry if nothing helps or if you've done all of that already. I realize these are pretty "big" steps, but you hinted that you've done what you saw was available in ESXi, so I'd start looking elsewhere for your conflict.

                    Hope that helps.


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                      Docop Novice




                      I saw Zyonov post's in regards of the Radeon 7750 into a passthrough mode over ESXI. So basically, I would like to confim the process of the build for an Asrock Z87m Extreme4


                      In 5.5 do you just disable the mainboard graphic and select PCI. And disable also the multigpu.  (did you leaved hd audio ON for hdmi and the hd audio sound card)


                      Do the passthroug of the 7750 card.


                      Add it to your vm

                      edit vmx for the pci.hole 1200 , 2200...

                      boot vm

                      install the Radeon/catalys driver..


                      Did you disable the VMVGA driver into the console or as soon the Catalys loaded up

                      it's ok to go ? Or just don't install the VMtools vga driver ?


                      I try with an old Asus eax550, i can pass pretty easily, it was detected into my Win7 64 VM. I install the driver, but never show up, always into the VGASave mode. So by having this : was it because it don't work ? Obviously, no picture on the monitor screen...



                      Thanks in advance

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                        zyonov Lurker
                        VMware Employees

                        As far as I remember this is what I have selected in the BIOS, sorry but this machine is running 24x7 and I haven't rebooted it for a long time.

                        1. Only PCI graphic adapter is selected, multigpu is disabled. I didn't manage to passthrough discrete GPU with onboard GPU enabled.

                        2. I haven't disabled integrated audio. In my post I mentioned that I was able to passthrough the onboard sound card to the same VM, although the performance of this soundcard is poor with metallic sound.

                        3. I'm installing VMware tools before Catalyst.

                        4. I have monitor connected with my passthrough VGA card. After installing VMware tools and the Catalyst Center, windows is detecting extended display, one on the VM console and another on the external display.

                        5. After this I can safely disable the VMVGA adapter from Windows control panel and disabling extended display mode in windows. 

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                          masterameel Lurker

                          I'm curious about Remote Desktop Gaming.


                          For those who managed to get GPU to work:

                          1) do you notice any performance loss in GPU?

                          2) has anyone tried 3D gaming in Windows with GPU passthrough?

                          3) If yes above, which remote desktop solution (RDP, vnc, splashtop or other) are you using to maximise performance?


                          I'm assuming a good bandwidth (gigabit connection) for remote desktop gaming.


                          I myself have the following setup:

                          cpu: intel i5 4670

                          gpu: r9 280x

                          ram: 16GB

                          HDD: 250GB ssd


                          GPU is passed through to Win 8.1 VDI (i didn't seem to have any issues passing through the GPU), with vmware tools installed on Win8.1


                          I notice SIGNIFICANT performance loss whether I use splashtop or RDP (remotefx). RDP seems to work better, but I can't go fullscreen. Still trying to find a decent solution for remote desktop gaming. Any ideas welcome.

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                            Timmey0206 Lurker



                            i have also some problems with gpu passthrough

                            Maybe someone can help me


                            My system:

                            AsRock Z97E-ITX/AC

                            Intel Xeon E3-1245v3

                            16GB Kingston DDR3 RAM

                            MSI R9 290 4GB OC

                            Samsung 256GB SSD and two 3,5" SATA drives


                            I installed ESXi 5.5 (costumize iso with SATA and NIC support)


                            Later i create a new VM with

                            8 vCPU cores 1 socket

                            4GB RAM

                            60GB HDD

                            and the PCI devices (ATI audio, ATI R9 290 Hawai graphic card)

                            I installed Win8.1 Pro and installed the drivers step by step like the instruction from zyonov. But my R9 290 is not working code43 in the windows control panel and the monitor get no signal.


                            Any solutions?

                            Is it possible to stream the VM over the internal network to an other PC/Mac. The PC/Mac connected via VMWare Fusion, VMWare Workstation to the ESXi or alternativ with RDP RemoteFX or Splashtop.

                            I didnt want any monitor on the ESXi hypervisior. It will stand in the future in an other room.

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                              Docop Novice



                              So thanks Zyonov for info. I finally got the video working. But got big problem as to pass the USB. Which usb you pass, I got available the intel usb 1.0d and the 1.0a . I try to pass just the D and no result. Do both: and no result too. Did you set your main Bios in usb legacy mode too..?


                              On the GPU, here's a tips that may help people to not search too much for activating their GPU passthrough..

                              On my Asrock Z87m extrem4 , 16gig   - Bios as main display : PCIX and igpu disable. (onboard sound card and hdmi audio leaved at enable)

                              I setup my VM as -win7-64, 2vcor,2Gram,vmnic3, Boot bios as Bios

                              did the pci Hole addition line

                              boot the VM

                              install VMtools


                              i put VMVGA in disable mode.

                              So i ran into a vgasave mode.


                              I first passthrought an Asus eax550 ATI card. All was detected without problem, driver install without problem too, all working, but never got video on the vm itself.

                              I try the intel onbard graphic, all perfectly detected, driver all installed fine. But never got any picture..

                              The esxi is booting fine, but after that, nothing more.


                              So i plug in an XFX 7750. I just deleted the driver on the vm. My xfx was detected fine in hardware manager. I now install the ati catalsy driver.


                              I log over windows esxi client, via console view. I got a big problem with the mouse as i can't control any VM with mouse integration. With or without vmtools. Mouse cursor just seem to disapear when i move it..

                              So i manage to use the keyboard to go over setting.

                              In resolution, i can't see other screen. Neither to log and go on catalys directly.   same thing wirh RDP

                              from the right click, on main desktop.

                              I go in CP / resolution display, click advanced, click the button catalys and now

                              i can got the catalys setup screen.

                              I manage to put same display on DVI and HDMI port.

                              And now all is working fine.

                              Other tips: You need an DVI monitor plug into the port. HDMI only will not work directly and hdmi connector is very flemsy, so use the dvi and after create many preset for each setup you want. All work without problem. But never with only hdmi...

                              For now, all the usb stuff.. i don't know yet. Hope that can help some for the gpu portion.


                              About rdp: i will tell what i've find later on. All audio and playing video is crappy over WM9. So I install DX11 and K-lite codec. I will test the result.

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                                rcriot18 Lurker





                                  Thank you for the info.

                                Was able to get ESXI installed on my hardware below and working. Even passed my GPU through to the virtual machine (Windows 7 x64)


                                1. Under the Advanced settings in ESXI. GPU showed up under the PCI pass through configuration page.

                                2. Passed Through the PCI for my GPU Radeon HD 7870 to the ESXI host(ESXI will make you pass both the GPU and the audio for the GPU which is fine).

                                3. Restarted the ESXI host.


                                1. Installed windows 7 x64bit on a virtual machine on ESXI.

                                2. Edit the virtual machine. Add a PCI device and selected my GPU that is being passed through to the host. Saved.

                                3. Booted up the virtual machine.

                                4. Installed the AMD driver for the GPU on the virtual machine with no problems.

                                5. Rebooted the virtual machine.


                                The GPU now shows up in device manager of the windows 7 virtual machine.


                                Issue:  Can't get the virtual machine display changed to output via the GPU without the virtual machine bluescreening.

                                Cause: Had the built in haswell gpu and multimonitor setting enabled in the BIOS.

                                Disabled them.


                                ---Was still getting the blue screen on the virtual machine for some weird reason everytime I plugged in the monitor to the physical GPU.---

                                1. Booted up the windows 7 virtual machine with no monitor plugged into the physical GPU.

                                2. Went into device manager, Disabled the SVGA display adapter. (The console viewer in the VMware vsphere client went blank).

                                3. Plugged up the monitor to the physical GPU. The virtual machine finally popped up on the monitor that I plugged into the Physical GPU.

                                4. After rebooting the virtual machine with the monitor plugged in it booted up successfully with no crash. However, it was only displaying on the console viewer not the monitor and AMD Catalyst control center notified me saying no compatible device found.

                                5. Went back into device manager. The AMD GPU display adapter was still there. The SVGA display adapter was still showing disabled.

                                6. Re-enabled the SVGA display adapter in device manager and rebooted the virtual machine.

                                7. The virtual machine booted up into Windows just fine with the display plugged into the GPU. When it booted up it automatically outputted windows to the monitor plugged into the physical GPU.

                                (Thinking something funky with the SVGA driver helping the GPU passthrough output to the monitor. Not sure at all but it works now.)


                                After doing all of that it works now!!!

                                The windows 7 virtual machine displays on the monitor that is plugged into the physical GPU successfully everytime it boots up.


                                (There are two displays that show up in the windows screen resolution display manager: 1. The monitor that is plugged into the GPU and the display that is outputted to the esxi console viewer.)

                                I can go into the windows screen resolution display manager and remove the SVGA display output so it will only display on the monitor plugged into the GPU.


                                Issue now:  Can't get the USB controller to work in the windows virtual machine.

                                The pci for the USB controller (built into the motherboard) is configured to passthrough to the host. Added the PCI for the USB controller to the virtual machine. The enhanced host usb controller shows up in the device manager but it won't turn it on. The drivers for the USB 3.0 controller for my motherboard don't install as they say no compatible hardware found.


                                Thinking it might be better to get a PCI-e USB card and pass it through to the host for use with the virtual machine. Just not sure which ones will work with ESXI. Looking that up.



                                Hardware settings and configuration:



                                1. Enabled both VT-d and hardware virtualization. There are two different settings in the BIOS.

                                2. Disable Built in CPU graphics, multimonitor setting, and CPU audio output.

                                3. Make PCI-E as primary graphics.



                                Built in NIC on the Motherboard:

                                  Got ESXI to recognize the built in NIC on the motherboard just fine after following instructions GLRoman gave and used the .vib driver file he provided. Used the ESXI-Customizer to add that driver into the ESXI installer .iso. The built in NIC is working just fine for me now.

                                  1. Reference page for .vib file GLRoman provided: ESXi 5.5 ASUS H97M Plus, Intel I218-V "No Network Adapters" Error

                                  2. How GLRoman made a custom ESXI installer .iso with the .vib driver using ESXi-Customizer.cmd v2.7.2: ESXi 5.5 ASUS H97M Plus, Intel I218-V "No Network Adapters" Error




                                CPU: Intel i7 4790K

                                Motherboard: Asus Maximus VII Hero

                                GPU: XFX Radeon HD 7870

                                Built in NIC on Motherboard: Intel I218-V (Working with a custom driver someone made for it to work with ESXI. Driver noted above)

                                ESXI Version: 5.5.0 (with custom driver for the nic card built into my motherboard. Noted above. )

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                                  Docop Novice



                                  I know it's painfull as ... terrible. But, be sure to not have any igpu or onboard graphic and no onboard audio.


                                  I too got lot of problem,


                                  Make many ova of you VM working and when it got your ati card detected.

                                  VM should at leas be VM hardware 8.


                                  You don't really need the pci.hole thing. Just put 5 gig of ram and be sure to click : reserve all memory.


                                  After, deploy 3 time the same ova vm machine.


                                  on each, install all different catalyst driver.


                                  On my 7750, i got terrible time. The only driver working if the .9 version. Not the 12, omega or the new 13.5 beta. You may try older one too.

                                  And as much as i don't like win8.1, it's works without problem vs win7 that cause always some hits. Also, don't do any update on your windows. Some update are proved to be causing issues on the Omega driver. The current stable one.



                                  Hope that help. And at end, only working in HD, but Farcry work without any issues, Ryse son of Rome at full details run without any problem too. I seriously getting hard time to see what is the delay into the vm vs playing on the pc itself. Very fluid. But on car game with some smoke, like Grid, that cause some little lag or let say a 20fps vs 40 as normal.

                                  And all is install and loaded from a usb drive, with a usb3 card startech passthrough. No delay and the only, most of time if just at startup like farcry

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                                    rcriot18 Lurker

                                    Hi Docop,


                                    What is the exact usb3 card you have in your system w/passthrough to host?


                                    I got everything working with the GPU in my virtual machine. (I updated my previous post). I just need to find a usb3 pci-e card to passthrough to the host for use with my windows 7 virtual machine.