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    5.1 to 5.5 upgrade SSO question

    pdrace Expert

      I am considering upgrading from 5.1 U2 (Vcenter) hosts are U3 to 5.5 U2. When I installed SSO in 5.1 I chose a multisite installation.

      I was considering using Linked mode but have since decide not to. Can I change to a basic SSO install when doing an upgrade or will I need do a fresh install to accomplish this?

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          Unfortunately, SSO Upgrade wizard does not give you an option to modify the SSO deployment mode during the upgrade process. When you run the installer, it will automatically detect the SSO version and deployment mode installed on the machine and it will go ahead and upgrade SSO for you.


          So to answer your question, if you want to change the deployment mode of SSO, you will have to uninstall SSO 5.1 and Install SSO 5.5 U2 with Standalone SSO mode.

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            pdrace Expert

            That's what I assumed but I thought it was worth asking. Maybe I'll stick with multisite for 5.5 and then change when we go to 6.x.