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    esxi 5.5 cant recognize pci lan-pci slots

    mehrn Novice


      i have a pc for my lab.

      motherbord : ga-z97-d3h

      cpu :core7i 1155 4790

      lan on bord :Intel® GbE LAN chip (10/100/1000 Mbit)

      pci lan :2 Dlink DGE-528T

      i have a lot of problem with this motherbord becuse it dosent sopport by vmware.now i buy it unfortunately.

      i find vbi files for on bord lan , for Dlink lan and sata-ahci controller and inject them to esxi 5.5 iso.

      then iso with no error install but now my esxi cant recognize pci lan(Dlinks)

      in 2 picture i see pci-id for drivers in my esxi.i cant find vbi file for others like ( pci bridge bridge :intel corporation 82&01 pci bridge class 0604  8086:244e)

      i think my problem is becuse of esxi can not recognize pci slots. is it true?

      what do you think?

      what can i do?

      help me