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    Router connections don't work after NSX reboot

    pankajchhabra Novice



      I have created NSX environment on the ESX servers. I am having logical distributed router and perimeter gateway. Logical router is connected to DB switch and APP switch. Distributed routing works fine from APP and DB machines.


      I did a shutdown of the environment - shutting down NSX manager, Logical router and ESX servers to create a snapshot. On Powering up the environment, distributed routing does not work. I tried creating another distributed switch and hooking it up to DB and APP switch, but still the logical routing does not work. I have interface for the DB switch, but can't even ping this from the DB virtual machine which is connected to DB Switch.There is no receive on the DB VM. Logged on the logical router and tried pinging the DB VM but still that does work.


      I have tried it three times, still the same issue.


      Is there a specific sequence I need to follow to do a shutdown of the NSX environment?


      Please let me know.



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          James__M Novice

          First and foremost, when I ran into issues that were somewhat similar to yours (NSX DLR routing and switching were screwy), the first thing I had to fix was the VTEPs and the controller VM IPs. I'm pretty sure someone will point out or correct me but I couldn't get my NSX environment to function properly when I had the controller IPs and the VTEP IPs on the same subnet as my management VMs (vCenter, ESXi mgmt interfaces, etc...).


          The first thing I would check before doing anything would be the "logical switch" testing...if you go into the [network and security section > logical switches > monitor]. I would first test the VXLAN MTU size to ensure there aren't any issues. Then I would perform the broadcast test/s to ensure you get 100% successful results.


          If your tests are successful, the next thing I would do is check your ESXi hosts by running the following commands:


          (list DLR instances registered with the ESXi host)

          *used to capture the "VDR name" for the commands that will follow

          # net-vdr --instance -l


          (list VDR routes)

          # net-vdr --route -l <vdrname>


          These commands should show you that your LDR is registered with each ESXi host as it should be and also show routing in case you've moved past the NSX base functionality and are troubleshooting network connectivity (L2/L3).

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            Could you please try the following?


            Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 11.25.22 am.png


            Could you do this for all your clusters, and let us know if that solved your problem?

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              pankajchhabra Novice



              I tried that, but it did not fix the issue. Still the router connections fail.