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    USB Game controller - will not install in XP Guest

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      I have a Logitec 310 USB game controller that works fine with win8.1.


      I have XP installed on Player and want to play some old games using the controller. I did some searching here and found a cryptic message about RTFM dated 2004.


      I downloaded the Logitec driver for XP and it started the install, XP found all the HID devices and installed all the needed stuff OK, but at the end, the Logitec driver installer declared "no devices found."


      Just wondering if there has been a change of heart and some/any controllers may now be supported.


      Is it possible to install a game controller? How?



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          GHarrop Novice

          1. Just checking, but - have you ever managed to get this controller working on a non-virtual XP box? I'm guessing you really did used to have XP and that's when you bought this game controller...?


          2. When you connect the controller and enable it on VM Player's Removable Devices menu, does the XP VM make the usual bing-bong 'USB device connected' sound?

          3. Have you managed to get any other USB devices working inside your VM?