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    iSCSI - MPIO - Unused adapters

    L0cayta Novice

      Hi there.


      I have configured a new vSwtich on my vmserver to handle iSCSI traffic. within the vSwitch i have 4 VM kernels each with thier own active NIC and IP on the iSCSI network.


      I have mounted my new vm datastore using Dell's MEM plugin and this works great.


      Within my iSCSI initiator properties, taking a closer look at the VMKernel Port bindings i can see that only 2 of the NIC's are currently  in use and active. The other 2 NIC's Path status is 'Not Used'.

      This is the same when looking at the properties of my iSCSI vm datastore. The Paths shown are my two Active NIC's with the correct status of 'Active (I/O)', but the other 2 NIC's are not being used?


      I'm not sure if vSphere is able to use 4 active NIC's for this or not? Are the other 2 NIC's used as standby automatically or do i need to select them as standy NIC's within the iSCSI vSwitch?