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      I have installed five ESXi 6.0 and 1 instance vCenter 6.0.

      I have one license for vCenter 6.0 "vCenter Server 6 Sandart"

      I have one license for ESXi 6.0 "vSphere 6 Enterprise Plus" for 2 CPU

      When I add first host to vCenter I select license "vSphere 6 Enterprise Plus", then I add second host and I get this masage "The license capacitys unsufficient" because capasity 2 CPU and used 2 CPU.

      This License only for one ESXi server?



      Thank you.

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          Since vSphere Enterprise Plus 6.0 license is for 2 CPU you can only add a 01 (one) host with two physical CPU or 02 (two) hosts with a single physical CPU.


          If the host you added have two physical CPU, then you will need additional licenses to be able to add more hosts.


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