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    Multiple displays do not work at all (OSX host with OSX guest)

    vbt101 Novice

      I have a Mavericks host, and I am trying to run any version of OSX within a VM on that host while retaining multiple monitors. OSX 10.8, 10.9, and 10.10 guests failed to give me more than 1 monitor. I repeated these tests with a Yosemite host, with no luck either.


      It seems to me this is a Fusion problem, not an OSX config problem.

      • Multiple monitors works fine in a Win 7 guest on the same host machine (rules out host machine Spaces configs)
      • I would expect that if Fusion was exposing all of my monitors to the OSX guest, that the OSX guest would at least have some indication via Display/System prefs that more than one monitor is hooked up to it. The guest seems to think it only has 1 monitor.
      • When I switch from single window mode to full screen (ie, "Use All Monitors") mode in Fusion, the Fusion logs seem to indicate it is still only configuring 1 monitor for the guest, where I would expect to see 6:


      2015-02-17T18:43:36.762-05:00| vcpu-2| I120: Guest: svga: SetMode: mode w,h=1920, 1200 bpp=32

      2015-02-17T18:43:36.764-05:00| vcpu-2| I120: Guest: svga: SetMode: pitch=7680

      2015-02-17T18:43:36.764-05:00| vcpu-2| I120: Guest: fb: setDisplayMode: Display ID=1, Depth ID=0

      2015-02-17T18:43:36.764-05:00| vcpu-2| I120: Guest: fb: setDisplayMode: wxh=1920x1200, bpp=32, pitch=7680

      2015-02-17T18:43:36.765-05:00| vcpu-2| I120: Guest: fb: setDisplayMode: (1) wxh=1920x1200, 32 7680

      • Despite that datapoint, Fusion seems to know that I have 6 displays.


      vmware.log:2015-02-17T18:23:19.502-05:00| mks| I120: Current display topology: 6 displays, bounding size (5760 x 2400), scale 1.

      vmware.log:2015-02-17T18:23:19.517-05:00| vmx| I120: SVGA: Maximum display topology 9600x3200.


      • I tried changing the VMX settings to disable monitor autodetection here; no change: VMWare Fusion 7 / 3 displays not supported?
      • I verified that my VMWare settings indicate to use all screens in Full Screen mode
      • I verified that the Spaces config on my Host has "Displays have separate spaces" is UNchecked (though, I tried it both ways).
      • I'm not even getting cloned monitors in my Guest; the guest simply gets 1 of the 6 monitors.