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    Force Closed a Suspended Guest

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      Hi, I have a backup Script that saves a lot of specific stuff on my hard drive, including the entire VMPlayer-Guest Folder to a removable drive. This all works fine, but was just noticing that if the Guest machine (Ubuntu) has been Suspended then there are two huge files (.vmem and .vmss) that also gets backed up.


      What I would like to do is force that Guest closed before the Folder is backed up. I fully realize that any open applications within the Guest will be lost and that's OK as I always close everything before suspending the Guest. If I forget then it is not critical anyway as I am only using the Ubuntu Guest to teach myself Linux.


      I have checked the Command line options and it seems vague on what's possible.

      The Guest will not be running at the time the backup script is active.

      The Guest may have been Suspended -OR- the Guest may have been shut-down when I last used it.

      I need it in a Shut-down state before the Backup script copies the Folder and files to reduce backup times a little.


      Can someone please give me a Command line sequence they will do this?


      Can I just have the script delete the .vmem and/or .vmss if it finds one or both there?