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    VSA Manager 5.1 stuck in "Validating VSA Cluster Network Configuration"

    KenMik Lurker

      Hi all!


      I am experiencing a problem with VSA Manager running on a Win2008R2 server with vCenter 5.1 build 1123961. When I open the VSA Mananger tab in the VI Client it displays "Validating VSA Cluster Network Configuration".

      When trying to close the window it says:


      VSA Manager 1.jpg


      I have tried to open the VSA Manager tab on another server with the VI Client installed but the result is the same. I have also tried to upgrade the VSA Manager to 5.5 but it stayed the same.


      The cluster with the VSA nodes is working normally but I cannot manage VSA or upgrade the environment. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!


      Best regards