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    Not able to connect with security server

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      Im setting up a demo environment with view 6, and when i try to connect locally to the connection servers it works fine, but when i try to connect to the security server it fails with the image below.




      The security server has 2 nics, on in the dmz zone, and on in production. I guess I should also be able to connect directly to the production ip, but same error.

      We have disabled the firewall between dmz and prod for troubleshooting, but same problem.


      The image below is the security server, all the addresses here are the "internet ip", i guess that's right ?



      The image below is connection server 1, all the addresses here are internal, and its the FQDN, should this been "internet ip" instead ?



      If i try locally to connect to the prod ip on the security server with internet explorer, im able to connect, but when i select the desktop it fails "this page cannot be displayed" it then shows the "internet ip" in address field.

      I guess there is just some simple thing that i have missed... hope you understand my question


      Thanks for support.

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          If you haven't already take a look at this description for View configuration, it covers remote access via the Security servers as well. Setting up PCoIP Remote Access with View 4.6 and Newerhttps://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-14974


          I assume from the fact you can connect via the Connection servers that the URL you have configured in View Administrator for the Connection servers is a local production address/IP?

          Also the Security server External URL is a resolvable DMZ/external address/IP?

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            Thanks, I had wrong IP since we use NAT I had to change to my local IP and not the office IP

            We are one step longer, we can now connect, but after i type inn username and password if fails... it times out, so i guess there is some FW issues.

            We have opend the following


            Open ports inn til Security server: tcp/80 in, tcp/443 in,tcp/4172 in and out,udp/4172 in and out

            Open ports out: ALL

            I have followed some FW documentations, but do I also need to open ports from internet and to the View Agent, for example 4172 here also ?

            I have a pdf document with images of where the traffic goes, but the FW guys would like a excel document that is just plain and simple, anyone have this ?