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    Player, Lubuntu , Wine and a black screen - help?

    IReallTryhard Enthusiast

      Hi, tried to install Wine. Used the Lubuntu Software center, added to cart and then left it to install. Came back 30-minutes later and a black screen.


      I am using it within VMWare Player and I can shut it down via Player and I see the Lubuntu sign-off screen.


      I can restart with Player it and see the Sign-on screen, but then a few seconds later it goes black with no mouse cursor.


      Any way to roll back to before the Wine attempt?


      Any way to get beneath the black screen and kill off whatever is causing it?


      My last backup was 2/3/15 so hoping I can recover what I had just before Wine, but can go to 2/3 if I must.


      Thought I'd ask here first.