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    VMWare - networking and ESXi installation questions

    etsrad Lurker

      Hey all, hoping for some assistance on building my servers.

      I am likely going with SuperMicro 2028R-E1CR24N due to cost and the fact that I can put Samsung Pro 845DC SSD drives in there and it will be covered under warranty (does anyone use SuperMicro today?), but am still considering HP DL Gen9 series servers because, well, they are HP and its always a slightly safer bet than SuperMicro...but the costs with SSD drives is just too high

      Question 1.....

      I am unsure whether to get 10GB RJ 45 NICs or the 10GB SFP+ NICs

      Not sure between Intel 520X, 540, 560...etc.

      The switches these servers will be plugging into will be Cisco 3750X switches, they currently don't have 10GB SFP+ modules yet but I could easily purchase though.

      So I am unsure if SFP+ provides better and TRUE 10GB throughput and bandwidth? Or is RJ45 10gb NICs ok and I simply just plug them into the regular ports on the switch (I think they are set to auto/auto/1GB though?)

      I also have the option for X540 Quad Port 10GBAse-T but unsure if I need it or how it could help me...

      Question 2....

      SuperMicro doesn't have slots for SD or MicroSD cards for the ESXi installation but they do have a 64GB Sata 6GB/s Disk on Module (MLC)..I know I don't need the space and it doesn't look like it needs one of the regular drivebays on the server for this, so will this be sufficient?

      Does anyone use this today and how is the performance?

      HP has slots for MicroSD cards...

      Thanks all!