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        Nelro Novice

        WoodyZ wrote:


        So I am pretty sure that it is something in the .vdmk file that prevent use of shrink.


        A WinXP Mode VM is a Linked Clone and that is why you cannot shrink or compact it unless you create a Full Clone of it.

        And there is no free way to do that?

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          WoodyZ Guru

          And there is no free way to do that?


          Free way to do what, create a full clone of the WinXP Mode VM?  Yeah there is a free was to create a full clone but once you do that and run it you'll have to reactivate Windows and it might fail under the circumstance.   Also it probably violates the Microsoft EULA so I'm not going to address it further.

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            Anatol56 Novice

            I Try the VMware Workstation 11 before i was using 10.04, so my host Systems are Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit and Windows 7 64-Bit so i install the new Version of VMware 11 on both systems and after i used view days i like to Compact an Guest OS witch was a Ubuntu 14.10 64-bit i user sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/0bits bs=20971520 # bs=20m
            in the Guest OS to free unused diskspace and then delete the 0bits file with sudo rm /0bits.
            the powerd off the VM and go to Options / Harddisk and use the Compact funktion after 5 Seconds it says the Disk was successfully compacted but when i watch on the size still was and will be 65GB so it does nothing!


            So i check a cuople of things to get sure its not the Filesystem itself (i mean bad sectors on the Real Harddrive) but this is all ok no errrors where found and anything other works fine.
            So i Uninstall the VMware 11 and Reinstall the 10.04 Version and again Compacting this VMDK and after doing it with Vmware 10.04 the size is only 3.6GB so in my Point i think theres a Problem with VMware 11.

            Can anyone out there reproduce or got the same Problems?


            By the way, i also try to Compact the disk on The Windows 7 Host with VMware 11 and 10 and its the same problem vmware 11 dose not working but vmware 10 Compacts fine.


            Here are some Data about the system im Working on:


            AMD 4x 3,6 GHz

            8GB Ram

            2 Hard drives 1. 500Gb for the Systems

            and 2. 1TB As Data/Work Drive the Working Drive is Formatet on NTFS.
            (I also try to shrink the VMDK on a Ext4 Partition and it is not Working! Only with the VMware Version 10.04 it still Compact the VMDK)


            So in that Case Can you help me or tell me what im Doing wrong?


            Greetz Anatol

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              DavidWoodward Novice

              Anatol56, I found a work around for the WS11 and Player 7 bug.


              The VDDK has an application that shrinks and defragments virtual disks.


              Shrink/Compact command:  vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -k "<path to vmdk>"

              Defrag command: vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -d "<path to vmdk>"



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