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    Win 2012 VM

    Bunty11 Enthusiast

      Windows 2012 vm are rebooting after regular interval.


      Event type kernel-power was found in event viewer.


      After we re-installed the vmware tools and monitored the server we found the win 2012 vm is not rebooting.


      Has anyone faced such issue. ??

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          Jayden56 Hot Shot



          Welcome to the communities.

          Its good to know that problem has been resolved ,



          I have gained few experience problem getting resolved after installing hot fix and few tools.


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            Bunty11 Enthusiast

            Ok. But does vm,ware tools can cause server reboot at regular intervals..

            i dont think so.....

            Still figuring out what might have caused windows server 2012 to reboot at regular interval.

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              meyner22 Enthusiast

              I had this same problem if you do a full installation of vmware tools it installs the vShield driver which caused my Windows 2012 servers to randomly reboot several times a week.  I actually had to view the windows dump file using WinDbg to find that the crash was caused by a memory leak with the vShield drver.  So, if you remove the current install of tools and just do a typical install, yes it would solve your problems because that driver does not get loaded on a typical install.  Also with ESXi 5.5 Update 2 the vShield driver is not packaged anymore with tools, so it shouldn't be an issue going forward.

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