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    iMessage stops working in the Host after signing in with an OS X guest

    Bartimaeus Lurker

      I'm running fusion 7.1 under Yosemite. I'm working through the OS X support essentials book in preparation for taking the Apple Certified support professional certification exam. I thought it would be good to run a separate instance of Yosemite under fusion so that I would not be changing anything on my primary system while working through the exercises in the text.


      after completing an exercise which instructed me to  sign in to iCloud, I began to receive my iMessages and FaceTime calls inside the guest, but no longer on the host. I can no longer send messages or start calls from the host either, and handoff no longer seems to work. I figured that the server may have been confused by both the guest and host being on the same IP, so I promptly signed back out of all iCloud services in the guest.


      However, I still cannot use these services anymore, even when the guest is shut down completely. I have completely signed out of all services and then logged back in, but that does not fix the problem either. AppleCare will not help me, since I am running the public beta of 10.10.2. They claim that it must be a problem with the beta, and I should report it with Feedback Assistant. I know this cannot be right. I've been using this beta for weeks, with no problems whatsoever until this thing came up with my VM. Does anyone have any other ideas how I could get this mess straightened out?